I’m Gabriel Paredes Reyes, but most people call me Gabe. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, the political turmoil of my homeland pushed me to grow up in two distinct perspectives of the American experience: the deep southern flavor of Louisiana and the quaint midwestern humility of Nebraska.

It was in Omaha where I published my first story to my high school newspaper. Since then, I’ve loved the thrill of being a journalist, dipping my toes into a story idea to then navigate a deep sea of causes, effects, and entangling points of views.

Now studying multimedia journalism at Loyola University Chicago, I’ve grown an interest in telling stories through documentaries. I see cameras and video as a unique tools to authentically capture the sounds, colors, and emotions of the world around us.

Outside of Journalism, I enjoy exploring my current home of Chicago, the peaceful nightmare of golf, and the warmth of spending time with the people I love.