Infograpic designed via Canva

There’s no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost every industry there is. The COVID-19 Recovery Support Function Leadership Group found that creative fields have been especially affected compared to the U.S. average. Jobs for dancers and choreographers have taken the greatest hit with an unemployment increase of 44% while art directors, fine artists and animators are the closest to the general American public with a rise in unemployment of 7.4%.

My roommate and aspiring screenwriter, Connor Dreyer, felt first-hand the lack of investment in his craft throughout this past year.

“While quarantine gave me plenty of time to expand my creative portfolio,” Dreyer said. “My opportunities to share my work professionally decreased due to the limitations of COVID.”

Creators are still encouraged to keep creating, however, as our work is its purest when it’s done out of passion over a commission.