In the fall of 2021, I participated as a Creative Coordiantor for Inigo Communications, Chicago’s first and only student-run communications agency. As Creative Coordinator I am in charge of designing and making visual deliverables a reality for our clients:

  • United Airlines
  • Avionos
  • The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce

In this role I extended my creative skills in social media content, graphic design, and animation with six deliverables:

  • My first client deliverable was a collection of five gifs for United Airline’s Department of Safety and Compliance, to use in their employee breakrooms. These gifs were created to model correct safety practices while also showing how much United cares about their employees. I designed and animated the gifs with copy written by PR/Media Coornidator Allison Lyon. In order to make these gifs accurately, United invited us to get a taste of their operations first-hand at O’Hare International Airport.
  • For the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, I designed 17 social media graphics with copy written by PR/Media Coordinator Ava LaRue. These posts highlighted The Chamber’s reach and services, as well as their members in a variety of industries.
  • We created bi-weekly content calendars for Avionos. For the third content calendar, I designed nine graphics that promoted their services, hiring status, and company culture based on captions written by PR/Media Coordinator Abigail Wilm.
  • I designed more social media graphics for the Avionos Executive Kits. I especifically designed four sample graphics for Avionos CEO Scott Webb to post on his LinkedIn, based on captions written by Ava LaRue. The captions and post ideas were neatly formatted on InDesign and exported as a pdf for an executive-level presentation.
  • A sixth deliverable included designing two possible logos for an unreleased organization within Loyola University Chicago.
  • At the end of the semester, I was asked to produce Inigo Communication’s Fall 2021 Final Showcase livestream.
Gabriel Paredes sits in front of his laptop ready to start the Final Showcase. Photo courtesy of Eliana Jacobsen.

I went beyond the mere computer webcam and microphone, plugging in a DSRL and shotgun microphone to my laptop for a higher quality image and sound. This equipment, paired with an LED light in the front and a color effected light against a backdrop in the back made for a truly professional production, on par with the deliverables we created this semester.

Account Coordinator Stella Moore presents deliverables made for United Airlines. Photo courtesy of Kendall Fahey.
The complete set-up for the Fall 2021 Inigo Communications Final Showcase. Photo by Gabriel Paredes.

I’m excited to share that I will be promoted to Creative Director for the Spring of 2022!