Making Cereal With Gabe

Just making some cereal A short exposé on the creation of the world famous cereal and milk. Ingredients: Bowl Spoon Milk Cereal (I used Frost Flakes but anything works!) You can find amazing content like this on my Instagram @gabriel.a.paredes

Yang Leads the Race to Become New York City’s First Asian Mayor

The former Presidential candidate is on pace to make history as Asian hate crimes spike across the country Former Presidential candidate and nonprofit entrepreneur Andrew Yang is once again running for political office, spearheading the race as a Democrat for Mayor of New York City and paving the way to be the city’s first AsianContinue reading “Yang Leads the Race to Become New York City’s First Asian Mayor”

Interview: Nicaulis Alliey of Music of the Americas Project

Educating and inspiring through music of the Americas Music of the America’s Project is a brand new organization co-founded by Latin American Musicians Nicaulis Alliey and Jose Escalona. I sit down with Alliey to learn more about the project and their future goals.

Hello There,

I’m Gabriel Paredes Reyes, but most people call me Gabe. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, the political turmoil of my homeland pushed me to grow up in two distinct perspectives of the American experience: the deep southern flavor of Louisiana and the quaint midwestern humility of Nebraska. It was in Omaha where I published my firstContinue reading “Hello There,”

Creators Inspire Creators

With this blog, I plan to highlight artistic creators studying at Loyola University Chicago. As I write this in February of 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it tough for everyone to do what they like to do in the same way they did it before social distancing. These students, whether photographers, videographers, graphic designers,Continue reading “Creators Inspire Creators”

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