Predominantly LGBTQ neighborhood in Chicago changes its name for inclusivity

An interview with Devlyn Camp Last fall, the neighborhood formerly known as Boystown changed its name to Norh Halsted, after complaints of exclusion against other sections of the LGBTQ community. I interview activist Devlyn Camp, who wrote the petition that started it all.

Let’s help Renata del Sol

A story of resilience, love, and rebirth. Renata del Sol, a 6-year-old-girl from Venezuela who is diagnosed with epilepsy and cerebral palsy, is in dire need of medication and amenities that are almost impossible to find in her home country. Her aunt and now parent, Zory Lugli, is a family friend of mine. Since weContinue reading “Let’s help Renata del Sol”

Creators Inspire Creators

With this blog, I plan to highlight artistic creators studying at Loyola University Chicago. As I write this in February of 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it tough for everyone to do what they like to do in the same way they did it before social distancing. These students, whether photographers, videographers, graphic designers,Continue reading “Creators Inspire Creators”