Finding a New Sound

Alternative artist looks to find his unique style Dabbling with the sea of buttons on his keyboard and tap dancing on the pedals for his electric guitar, alternative artist and Loyola University Chicago sophomore Ryan Cordero mixes and matches the tunes of his instruments to create a new sound. Cordero and his music partner CharlieContinue reading “Finding a New Sound”

Infographic: Unemployment Rates in Creative Fields Throughout the Pandemic

There’s no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost every industry there is. The COVID-19 Recovery Support Function Leadership Group found that creative fields have been especially affected compared to the U.S. average. Jobs for dancers and choreographers have taken the greatest hit with an unemployment increase of 44% while art directors, fine artistsContinue reading “Infographic: Unemployment Rates in Creative Fields Throughout the Pandemic”

Predominantly LGBTQ neighborhood in Chicago changes its name for inclusivity

An interview with Devlyn Camp Last fall, the neighborhood formerly known as Boystown changed its name to Norh Halsted, after complaints of exclusion against other sections of the LGBTQ community. I interview activist Devlyn Camp, who wrote the petition that started it all.

Yang Leads Race to Become New York City’s First Asian Mayor

The former Presidential candidate is on pace to make history as Asian hate crimes spike across the country Former Presidential candidate and nonprofit entrepreneur Andrew Yang is once again running for political office, spearheading the race as a Democrat for Mayor of New York City and paving the way to be the city’s first AsianContinue reading “Yang Leads Race to Become New York City’s First Asian Mayor”

Interview: Nicaulis Alliey of Music of the Americas Project

Educating and inspiring through Music of the Americas Music of the Americas Project (MUSA) is a brand new organization co-founded by Latin American musicians Nicaulis Alliey and Jose Escalona. I sit down with Alliey to learn more about the project and their future goals. Fun Fact: MUSA’s concerts will be held at St. Augustine College’sContinue reading “Interview: Nicaulis Alliey of Music of the Americas Project”

Let’s help Renata del Sol

A story of resilience, love, and rebirth. Renata del Sol, a 6-year-old-girl from Venezuela who is diagnosed with epilepsy and cerebral palsy, is in dire need of medication and amenities that are almost impossible to find in her home country. Her aunt and now parent, Zory Lugli, is a family friend of mine. Since weContinue reading “Let’s help Renata del Sol”

Creating Tasty Art

An interview with the designer behind the menu boards on campus Lu’s Deli menu board by Lynzie Horejs Ever since she was a kid, graphic designer Lynzie Horejs has always felt like an artist. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Horejs’ roots in design stem from a computer coding class she took in high school, thinking itContinue reading “Creating Tasty Art”

Unexpected Venture Into Heirloom Books

How an impromptu interview led me to a hidden gem in Edgewater Early this Sunday morning, I was pleasantly surprised by a DM from my co-worker, Boe Chmil, who was asking for help on a documentary shoot at a nearby bookstore. The only problem was that I was already planning on working on my ownContinue reading “Unexpected Venture Into Heirloom Books”