Interview: Nicaulis Alliey of Music of the Americas Project

Educating and inspiring through Music of the Americas Music of the Americas Project (MUSA) is a brand new organization co-founded by Latin American musicians Nicaulis Alliey and Jose Escalona. I sit down with Alliey to learn more about the project and their future goals. Fun Fact: MUSA’s concerts will be held at St. Augustine College’sContinue reading “Interview: Nicaulis Alliey of Music of the Americas Project”

Award Winner: Omaha Cinco de Mayo Celebration 2018

A recap of the famous South Omaha Cinco de Mayo celebration in the Spring of 2018. This podcast was recognized as the Best High School News Story in Podcasting by the Nebraska Broadcasters Association.

Written and produced by Gabriel Paredes and Sydney Looney. Spanish narration by Gabriel Paredes Reyes and English narration by Sydney Looney.

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