Social Media Content

by Gabriel Paredes Reyes

Social Media Audit, Proposal and Graphics for

McDonald’s USA President Joe Erlinger

As a Global-Impact US System Communications Intern for the McDonald’s Corporation, I had the privilege of working with the US Leadership Communications team to boost USA President Joe Erlinger’s presence as an industry thought leader on LinkedIn.

I audited engagement data on his page to identify successful themes and opportunities for bold video content.

My proposal promoted visual storytelling techniques that conveyed both Joe’s and McDonald’s business goals and took special consideration of his team’s capabilities as well as his personality, story and how it relates to McDonald’s “Journey of Greatness.”

I’m proud to say that in March 2023, Joe posted his first video on LinkedIn to celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day!

Founder’s Day” Graphic

Copy by Nicole Warren. Graphic by Gabriel Paredes Reyes using Adobe InDesign. This post has become one of Joe’s biggest hits for engagement on LinkedIn.

National Intern Day” Copy

Copy by Gabriel Paredes Reyes in collaboration with the McDonald’s US Leadership Communications Team.

Social Media Rebrand and Implementation

for Rambler Report


Smell the roses! Last week, over 200 students gathered to build-a-#bouquet and #destress before #finalsweek 💐☺️

♬ Cute – Aurel Surya Lie

This week on Rambler Report: The #chicagoriver is going green! Learn about the backstory of this unique #stpatricksday celebration!

♬ original sound – Rambler Report – Rambler Report

This week on Rambler Report: SisterJean, Ukraine, ChicagoMayor, basketball, and #specialolympics

♬ original sound – Rambler Report – Rambler Report

This big dance is well underway! Reporter @lucask1085 goes around campus testing ramblerson their #marchmadness trivia!

♬ original sound – Rambler Report

Background: For the Spring 2023 semester, the faculty at Loyola University Chicago’s School of Communication wanted to modernize their Newscast Production class to reflect the current media landscape’s transition into social media.

Well aware of my skills in journalism, technology and creative production, Professor Lee Hood asked me to spearhead the creation and implementation of a new show on Instagram and TikTok as Rambler Report (RR).

We took heavy inspiration from Crown Point High School’s QuickCut. After taking a trip to the school and getting a taste of their workflow first-hand, we set out to make our own.

Execution: I designed the brand for the show with new logos, typography, color scheme, intros, transitions and other motion graphic templates. To make sure these were implemented correctly, I also guided the journalists working on RR through a recording and editing workflow that was best suited for vertical video.

Outcomes: TheLucNews successfully became Rambler Report on Instagram and TikTok, boosting views by 340%. The original 10-15 minute show on YouTube went from having around 116 views per upload in 2022 to 509+ views per upload in 2023 with shorter, more dynamic and engaging segments on these new platforms. Faculty were thrilled about these results and decided to continue the project beyond Spring 2023.

RR Brand Style Guide

Lasting Impact: After some trial and error, I finalized a brand style guide for Rambler Report’s identity and media assets. This curated guide will serve as a manual for future journalists working on the show.

Inigo Communications

Inigo Communications is Chicago’s first and only student-run communications agency.

Fall 2021: As a Creative Coordinator, I volunteered to design the “Meet the Teams” posts for the agency’s Instagram. These graphics were created using Adobe Photoshop and followed Inigo’s brand guidelines.

Spring 2022: Under my Creative Direction, the agency sported a newfound skill in video production. With expanded resources and expertise in this area, Creative Coordinator Matthew Reishus and PR/Media Coordinator Jacqueline Southwell created a short video on Inigo’s history to celebrate its 5-year anniversary on our promotional channels.

The Creative Team also took the initiative of taking the staff’s headshots and creating graphics that could be posted throughout the summer break.

Fall 2022: As Firm Director, I oversaw all operations from conception to execution, including the agency’s recruitment and promotion on social media. We got more creative with how we showcased staff personalities, making us more relatable to our student audience on Instagram.

Lasting Impact: Planning the agency structure for the Spring 2023 semester, one of my biggest goals was to build a team that further leaned on creative design skills for promotions. Knowing the strengths of creatives on the client-side of the agency, I was certain of who was right for the job and advocated for their transition to the Corporate Communications Team as Promotions Coordinator.

That following semester, the bold creative work from Promotions Coordinator Ellie Landt and the greater Corporate Communications Team, elevated Inigo Communications’ visual presence on social media to a whole new level!


As a Tech Assistant in the LUC School of Communication’s OWL Lab, I contributed to the growth and promotion of the lab through Instagram. This included posting features on prominent figures in film, journalism & digital media, as well as giving tech tips, announcing guest speakers, and of course… memes.

In the Fall of 2020, I had a lot fun shooting and editing the lab’s COVID-19 Procedure video, a satirical manual to how the lab would work throughout the pandemic.

Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro and online research.

2 years

Tech Assistant

Date Completed
May 2021

And more…

Ask me about the social media content I’ve created for Avionos and the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce as well as my work for the McDonald’s Corporation’s internal social channels!