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Profile: Nebraska Governatorial Candidate Charles Herbster

Written May of 2021 An insight into Herbster’s background, connections, and political goals Former Trump adviser and agricultural business mogul Charles Herbster formally launched his campaign for Governor of Nebraska on Monday at a barn outside of Fremont, hoping to make Nebraska, “an even greater state than it is,” but his political and financial connectionsContinue reading “Profile: Nebraska Governatorial Candidate Charles Herbster”

Review: Gus Dapperton’s Orca is Forgettable Yet Intensely Relatable

Written October of 2020 Colorful and quirky bedroom pop artist Gus Dapperton shows a new side of him in his sophomore album, Orca. He released a more melancholy and intimate sound that may be appreciated by his biggest fans and deep thinkers, but the lack of entertainment value and consistency in identity fails to capitalizeContinue reading “Review: Gus Dapperton’s Orca is Forgettable Yet Intensely Relatable”

Unconventional Art from an Unconventional Soul

How the OWL Lab’s Jillian Musielak found her unique identity as an artist Written in October 2020 One by one, OWL Lab manager and Technology Coordinator Jillian Musielak fills in squares on a spreadsheet. After filling in each square, she diligently takes screenshots, ultimately putting them into Adobe Premiere Pro to make an animation. AlthoughContinue reading “Unconventional Art from an Unconventional Soul”


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